sup ya fucks its me

Home Homo

ma name sab

doritos best, art is dead, trap money bitch

im not sure what i will do with this website yet but its just like some personal shit, so yea hi, im sab aka louise aka %-&/, im 19, im a dorito gremlin, and i am obnoxiously cancerous with everything i do but thats ok

the point of this website is... none xd i have no point for it, ill just kinda idk put on it what i want cus its my site and i can chose whatever shit i want on it lol

goin by interests, i like languages, mathematics, philosophy, very old video games, open source fps games like xonotic, linux, fuckin around with programming languages, and pretending i am a computer, hardstyle and other upbeat electronic music, so most likely this website will have a lot of these sorta things on there

MOST OF ALL THO, I LOVE DOOM! Any game based on the idtech1 engine just feels so right!! Its great honestly

this website made by notepad gang dab dab dab

lol ok be grindin aquire rahea